John Henry Baliton

12 April 2009


11 April 2009




Great work for the fashion world by Gustaf & Vass.

We’re excited to add a new author to TSA today. Gavin Potenza is a designer from Portland, OR. With work published in Computer Arts, Los Logos 4, and having recently worked at Nervo; needless to say, we’re happy to have him on board. Welcome Gavin.

IDEA Magazine 333

10 April 2009


Emil Ruder is one of my favorite designers..hands down. So when we got in these new IDEA Magazines at YouWorkForThem featuring his work, I got really excited. And with good reason. Issue 333 features not only page after page of Ruder’s work but also the philosophy behind Ruder’s pioneering typography. I think why this issue is important is that it presents a case for the design choices being made, something I see less and less of circling in the forefront of graphic design resources like image sites and published books; unfortunately the places a lot of students and young designers look to for guidance and inspiration.  Invest in this,  you won’t regret it.


Another impressive contact of mine on Flickr brings some abstract globes, totemic columns, and supernatural rock quarries to my attention regularly. Check out Push the Button, add them as your contact.

Finally, The Mighty Boosh comes to America. You can now watch the third season on – current episode: Journey to the Centre of the Punk. Thank you Adult Swim! And thanks Nick, for the heads up.

New category added today: the TSA Library. Our first addition is FILE Magazine, a magazine focusing on graphic design, art and visual communication.

The library will act as a resource for new books and products coming out of the art/design world. If you’d like to add your book, magazine, dvd, print, font, etc… get in touch with us to find out how – hello [at]

SAWDUST updates

09 April 2009

New work from London-based SAWDUST.

Sparrow v. Swallow

09 April 2009

Sparrow v. Swallow is a creative studio based in Harlem, New York.

REX New Website

08 April 2009