Sean Klassen from Legwork Studio joins TSA today. He’s an expert in the intricacies of nerd metal, interactive design, and doing his own thing. He’s also an ex-workmate of mine and a great guy. Welcome Sean.

Andreas Banderas

03 May 2009

Andreas Banderas from Oslo, Norway. Anything that has a cat with rollerblades on generally deserves a post.

Hippy Shit Vol. 1

01 May 2009

Hippy Shit Vol. 1

Spread by Jez Burrows

Spread by Jez Burrows

Spread by Mike Perry

Spread by Mike Perry

Bryan Dalton and Alex Harris have recently put out what they call, an independently published psychedelic field trip, also known as Hippy Shit.
40 pages, offset on yellow French paper, and 16 top notch contributors.  Alex Bec, Mike Perry, Jez Burrows, Hort, etc.
It looks like they’ve already got plans for a series of prints this summer, as well as #2 in the Fall.  Looking forward.

Quote: Tschichold

01 May 2009


I revisited some notes I had written in response to reading Anne Burdick’s essay “Neomania” published in Emigre 24. I like to go back to essays like that whenever I feel pressured or overwhelmed to be a certain type of designer. I think most of us can relate to that sort of desperation. Reading an essay or even the newspaper can help assuage our creative frustration and bring a steady footing when “the rapid turnover dizzies the Rational Functionalist in each of us.” (Which we should like to keep steadied, right?)

/ M / A / S / H /

30 April 2009

Mash was founded in 2002 in Adelaide, Australia by Dom Roberts and James Brown, and they’re frickin’ awesome.

Manuel Lariño

30 April 2009

Manuel Lariño from Florida Spain got in touch with some new work. Thanks for the link!

On Pedder

30 April 2009





On Pedder is a fashion store in Hong Kong. They’ve been putting out a nice catalog called “Pedderzine.” The 5th and most recent zine (SP/SU 09) is based on the US $5 bill.

Jan Feliks Kallwejt

29 April 2009

Clever idea for an iPhone app. Up next is scratching, apparently. Built by Theo Watson, made with openFrameworks.


28 April 2009

Commune is Ryo Ueda and Minami Mabuchi – Sapporo, Japan.