Sergio Membrillas

22 March 2012

Sergio Membrillas is a freelance illustrator based in Valencia, California.

Jack Vanzet

22 March 2012

Melbourne based designer Jack Vanzet. Thanks for the email.

More Tong

18 March 2012

Shanghai based graphic designer/ typographer –  More Tong.

A few days ago, PBS Arts kicked off the second season of its online series, “Off Book”. The first episode of the new season is devoted to Animated GIFs…

Jack Featherstone

12 March 2012

Jack Featherstone is a graphic artist living and working in London. See Jack with Max Parsons at their upcoming show at The Frontroom in Cambridge, 18th Mar – 20th Apr. Thank you for the email.

Sheila Gallagher

11 March 2012

Sheila Gallagher makes paintings out of melted plastic and live flowers. Also check out her beautiful smoke drawings

Alexandra Lakin

09 March 2012

Behold, Alexandra Lakin’s dream-like narrative, color relationships and mix of flat/decorative areas. Miniature characters housed in ambiguous, fractured or subterranean spaces… a story drowned out in abstraction. Her works strike a captivating balance, in which they feel both uncomfortable and truly lovely at the same time.

An interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, digital printmaking and video/ animation, Alexandra received an MFA from Alfred University in Electronic Integrated Art, and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Animated poster

05 March 2012

Creative self promo from Silvio Teixeira. Thanks for the email.

Errors in Production is an ongoing collection of a variety of products with individual manufacturing errors. – Heike Bollig

Luli Sánchez

21 February 2012

For 18 years, Cuban-born Luli Sánchez designed prints for the fashion industry, before founding her own studio in 2004. Luli uses her unique touch with watercolor to create patterns inspired by everything from florals to kitchenware, geometry to animal skins. She lives and works between Brooklyn, NY and Merida, Mexico.