Jorge Colombo drew the latest cover of The New Yorker using the iPhone app Brushes. Pretty darn good, considering. New Yorker article with video here. Via CR.

Non-Format : Peroxide

27 May 2009

Non Format

Insanely beautiful new work by Non-Format for S magazine.

Hoy everybody , myself and Simon just finished our music video for my band the dead pirates.
It’s been produced by the Mill and we had the chance to get some big help from Dr Mushroom , Mooe and Asterokid .
It took us 3 month to do it , with a mix of 3d and 2d , including the recording of the song .
We seriously hope you enjoy it .


25 May 2009

Coöp, based in Melbourne, was founded in 2004 by Paul Marcus Fuog. I’m especially liking the beautiful object-collage photography incorporated into a lot of their work.

Gorgeous charts and graphs void of all meaning. Designed by Chad Hagen from Minneapolis – Nonsense Info Graphics Flickr set.

'Fold' by United Nude

'Fold' by United Nude

It is just a guess that mathematician August F. Möbius never foresaw his algebraic equation for the curious Mobius Strip, becoming an inspiration for the smart shoe designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, called ‘Fold’.

Found in the classic collection at United Nude, conceptually ‘Fold’ is the fluent movement of a single piece of elastic fabric. Anyone who appreciates wearing shoes will understand this translates into comfort beyond ones expectations.

The shoes mixture of elastic, PVC, carbon fiber, and occasionally rubber, allow it to bend while enclosing your foot inside a compact shape of lasting support.

It’s an ideal way to carry your feet in public. Alas it is only for women.

Arthouse Films reached out to us the other day to help promote their upcoming film, Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight. They’ve kindly sent us two movie posters signed by Milton Glaser (measuring 27″ x 39.5″), which we are raffling off. Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll pick two of you at random on June 1. Please be 18+ and live in the US.

The film is premiering tonight in New York City at Cinema Village. It will be playing next in San Francisco, June 19.

*Update* Here is the current list of release dates and venues:

New York City: Cinema Village, May 22nd
San Francisco: The Roxie, June 19th
Boston: MFA, July 2nd
Chicago: Gene Siskel Film Center, June 12th
Denver: Starz Film Center, June 12th
Albuquerque: Guild Cinema, June 27th and 28th
Las Vegas: AIGA, June 18th


For many, Milton Glaser is the personification of American graphic design. Best known for co-founding New York Magazine and the enduring I ♥ NY campaign, the full breadth of Glaser’s remarkable artistic output is revealed in this documentary portrait, MILTON GLASER: TO INFORM AND DELIGHT. From newspapers and magazine designs, to interior spaces, logos, and brand identities, to his celebrated prints, drawings, posters and paintings, the documentary offers audiences a much richer appreciation for one of the great modern renaissance men.

Artfully directed by first time filmmaker Wendy Keys, the film glances into everyday moments of Glaser’s personal life and captures his immense warmth and humanity, and the boundless depth of his intelligence and creativity.

Ivan Markovic

22 May 2009

Received a nice little email from Ivan Markovic, highlighting his recent project for Paris Calling – a Franco-British season of performing arts. His work is crisp; I’m especially loving the typographic poster shown above.


With the UN Climate Change Summit approaching in December, participants of the Cannes Young Lions competition were given 48 hours to create an ad for Oxfam GB reminding everyone to save the world from the effects of climate change. The competition is via YouTube and there are some good ones there. The video above is one of my favorites.



Out of the Windy City comes the poster/illustrator extraordinaire known as the The Delicious Design League. An interview can be read here by OMG Posters, and a video can be seen here by the Middle Mind Project. I’m continually impressed by the new talent emerging from the Mid-West.