05 September 2009

I was a dog

05 September 2009

Cityabyss let us know about a recent exhibition she was in – flickr set here.

Stas Sipovich update

05 September 2009

Recent update from Stas Sipovich out of the Czech Republic.

The Mixtape Club

02 September 2009


The Mixtape Club is an organization dedicated to the art of the mixtape. Ten people, ten tracks, ten album covers.

It’s an ongoing showcase of music by artists, designers, photographers and creatives from around the world. The site launched today and the first ten mixes are available to stream.


02 September 2009



For their solo exhibition at Brodie/Stevenson AVANT CAR GUARD presented editioned prints, large-scale paintings, sculptures, video and installation. AVANT CAR GUARD are a Johannesburg-based three member visual art collective, exhibiting and authoring as a singular artist.


01 September 2009

Freshjive is taking their logo and name off all products, website, and promotional materials (starting 2010). To learn more check out this interview with founder Rick Klotz.

TSA Flickr: rock solid

01 September 2009

We’ve been getting a steady stream of great submissions to the TSA Flickr pool… figured I’d post a few up.

Gabriel Morales

31 August 2009

Gabriel Morales from Barcelona updates.

Gregory Comollo

28 August 2009

Gregory Comollo is a native of New Jersey, living in Vermont.

Letra/Marco Balesteros

27 August 2009



There’s a good balance of style and simplicity in Marco’s work. Werkplaats and Letra