Romain Albertini

05 October 2009

We received an email from Romain Albertini from France. Lots of great work on his site.

Kim Høltermand

05 October 2009

Amazing images from Danish photographer Kim Høltermand.

Jonathan Calugi

02 October 2009




Just received an email from Jonathan about updates over at Happy Lovers Town


01 October 2009

Face from Mexico.

Chez Valois

30 September 2009




I’ve been freelancing at Chez Valois for the last couple of months and the portfolio was just updated with some fresh work. Have a look!

GOOD Magazine rethinks cities

29 September 2009


GOOD Magazine recently put out a set of information graphics showing how certain cities are utilizing new technologies to start doing things right.  A very interesting look at how these 8 different systems are working for their cities.

Cities & Traffic, Water & Education, Public Safety & Oil and Gas, and Health Care & Government.

Design work by Oliver Munday.


28 September 2009

We received an email from Simon Renaud of Atelier Aquarium. They have a lot of interesting experimental typographic work on their site.

Joel Lozano

28 September 2009

New work from Joel Lozano – Barcelona. He’s also part of a new studio called Studio Copywright.

Charlotte Bonjour

25 September 2009



Collages, drawings, and other works by Charlotte Bonjour

Meet Stacey

24 September 2009

Anthony Kobler (Aesthetically Loyal) let us know about a new app he developed that sets up your indexhibit folio with great ease. Apparently he “got frustrated with trying to customize indexhibit for his friend’s portfolio sites. So he decided to create something to make it simpler, it’s a php app called Stacey.”

More details here.