Belinda Chen

19 January 2010

Gorgeous work from Belinda Chen – artist currently based in Berlin. Thanks for the email.

Carl Krull

19 January 2010

Danish artist Carl Krull (based in Copenhagen). His work is drawn, painted, and occasionally animated – especially neat seeing his process in the time lapse videos.

Felicity Case-Mejia

18 January 2010

Felicity Case-Mejia is a designer/illustrator based in Melbourne. Thanks for the email.

Ylva Lindberg

18 January 2010

Swedish designer Ylva Lindberg.

We Are Always Here

15 January 2010





New site and work from the NYC studio of London-based creative agency exposure.

Vanessa Lam

14 January 2010




Vanessa Lam is yet another student with some pretty nice work. More great things to come, I’m sure.

John Henry Baliton

14 January 2010




My good friend John Henry Baliton just started a blog-like stream of photos. Despite it’s newness, there are many nice things posted.

Jesse Corinella

13 January 2010

Jesse Corinella from Long Island, New York.

Doe Eyed

13 January 2010

Eric Nyffeler has a new site up. Nice collection of band posters and album art. He’s also having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on screen prints (for a limited time).

Yeah Fantastic

12 January 2010

Josh Finklea is a design student from Austin, TX who currently lives in Los Angeles and attends Art Center College of Design. Expect more greatness from Josh.