09 November 2012

DEVICE out of Barcelona sent along their new reel. The site is worth a peak, especially the bonus material. Don’t click the logo.

Michael Boswell

08 November 2012

Great work from Michael Boswell out of Brooklyn. Thanks for the email.

X Marks the Spot

05 November 2012

Csilla Klenyanszki is a Hungarian artist currently based in the Netherlands. These shots are from a series called, X Marks the Spot.

Anthony Gerace

05 November 2012

Anthony Gerace recently published a color study of 100 images entitled, Fig. 1-99. Each one is constructed from a single image, or rather the counterforms from an image, sourced from magazines like Life, Time, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, and others

See the whole series on his flickr.

Wind Map

29 October 2012

Wind Map is “a living portrait of of the wind currents over the U.S.”, conceived and developed as a side-project by the data visualization super-team of Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas, who lead Google’s Big Picture visualization research group (and before that, IBM’s Visual Communication Lab).

This beautiful, perpetually-animated online ap pulls publicly available data of surface wind speeds from the National Digital Forecast Database, which is updated hourly. The map shows the patterns created by winds ranging from 1-30 miles-per-hour. Pan and zoom functionality allows observation in fine detail.

Of the project, the artists write: “It conveys the movement of the air in the most basic way: with visual motion. As an artwork that reflects the real-world, its emotional meaning changes from day to day. On calm days it can be a soothing meditation on the environment; during hurricanes it can become ominous and frightening.”

Also be sure to check out the site’s gallery of archived map images.

More of Martin and Fernanda’s data viz collaborations can be found here.

Josep Román Barri

24 September 2012

Josep Román Barri is a designer currently based in Barcelona.

Guilherme Falcão

11 September 2012

More updates by Brasilian Guilherme Falcão in São Paulo.

Kris Chau

05 September 2012

Kris Chau is a fashion designer for Free People by day, is an illustrator by night, and helps make the future beautiful, through her role as a Professor of Fashion Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She lives and works in Philadelphia, Pa.

This month our friends at The Mixtape Club turn 3 and have released a selection of 10 mixtapes for your listening and download pleasure.

some perfect world

30 August 2012

Maya Singh is a photographer from Chandigarh, India. Her tumblr has an impressive amount of beautifully composed photos. Thanks for the email.