TSA news

26 March 2013

We’re doing some Spring cleaning over here and have some exciting developments on the horizon. What we’re looking forward to most is the construction of our new and improved Pattern & Shape store, which should be launching soon.

We’ve also been building a new Facebook group. Connect with us there for recent news and specials you won’t see on the site.

TSA: Seedlings

26 March 2013

Today is the official release of our newest feature: Seedlings. We tend to get a lot of submissions from students, recent grads and young designers getting their start, so we’re dedicating a portion of our site to them. We hope to build this up over time and are accepting submissions now, so send us what you’ve got. Please follow the submission guidelines.

FFF updates

26 March 2013

Beautifully redesigned and restructured site over at FormFiftyFive. Congrats Glenn and team, looks great.

23 March – 11 August 2013

The V&A has been given unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of his extraordinary career. David Bowie Is will showcase more than 300 objects, such as handwritten lyrics, original costumes, film, set designs and instruments – exploring Bowie’s perpetual self-reinvention over five decades and tracing his history as one of the most pioneering cultural icons of modern times.

Based on advance ticket sales, the exhibit is set to be the most successful show in the museum’s 161-year history.

Bowie’s first album in a decade, The Next Day is being released on March 11th.

Amyisla Mccombie

27 February 2013

Beautifully simple, innocently carefree work by Amyisla Mccombie, a recent graduate of University College Falmouth. Based in the UK, she is a freelance illustrator and set designer.

One Lady Owner

07 February 2013

A fun series of car portraits on tumblr titled One Lady Owner.
Photography by David Oscroft and friends.

Oriana Fenwick

06 February 2013

Nice illustrations by Oriana Fenwick.

Chloe Bryon

06 February 2013

Chloe Bryon is an English designer living in California.

Archie Fitzgerald

30 January 2013

Some cool drawings by Archie Fitzgerald, hailing from the historic English city of Canterbury. Archie is also part of Just Us Collective.

Anna Talbot

29 January 2013

Oslo-based jewelry designer Anna Talbot is inspired by fairy tales, nursery rhymes and songs. Delicately-crafted layers of anodized aluminum, wood veneer, brass, gilding metal and silver create wearable stories – brimming with flora, fauna and familiar characters of lore. Fantastic and captivating work.