Collectif 5M™

09 September 2011

M M M M M is a new design group from Marseille, France.

John Kilar

09 September 2011

John Kilar is a photographer based in Venice, CA. Thanks for the email.

Sueh Li

01 September 2011

Sueh Li is a graphic and type designer from Penang, Malaysia.


30 August 2011

An elegantly curated tumblr account releases a beautifully printed and designed self-titled magazine: Polanski.


29 August 2011

I LIKE BIRDS is a design studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks for the email.


25 August 2011

Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Stephen Kelleher

16 August 2011

Stephen Kelleher (formerly Frankenstyles) has a nice new site up. Thanks for the email.

Reverse Büro

16 August 2011

Reverse Büro is the studio of Loïc Dupasquier, art director/designer from Switzerland.

National Forest

12 August 2011

National Forest launch their new site.

Justin Blyth

08 August 2011

LA born and raised, Amsterdam based, Justin Blyth. Thanks for the email.