Collectif 5M™

09 September 2011

M M M M M is a new design group from Marseille, France.

Laurie Kang

09 September 2011

Collage artist and photographer, Laurie Kang from Toronto.

John Kilar

09 September 2011

John Kilar is a photographer based in Venice, CA. Thanks for the email.

Sueh Li

01 September 2011

Sueh Li is a graphic and type designer from Penang, Malaysia.


30 August 2011

An elegantly curated tumblr account releases a beautifully printed and designed self-titled magazine: Polanski.


29 August 2011

I LIKE BIRDS is a design studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks for the email.


25 August 2011

Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Stephen Kelleher

16 August 2011

Stephen Kelleher (formerly Frankenstyles) has a nice new site up. Thanks for the email.

Reverse Büro

16 August 2011

Reverse Büro is the studio of Loïc Dupasquier, art director/designer from Switzerland.

National Forest

12 August 2011

National Forest launch their new site.