04 March 2008


Pitchfork will be introducing their own online station April 7th. Exciting news.

London: empty

04 March 2008


German artist Gregor Graf strips his photography of London down to just architecture.

“The city as a living space is today no longer shaped by the individuals who inhabit it. At the textural level – with words, symbols, logos, directional and traffic signs, commands and prohibitions-the only elements allowed are those that serve the end of law or consumption. Free expression, such as graffiti or the unauthorized hanging of posters in the public space is punishable by law. The real city is increasingly becoming a personality-drained world of corporations and branding, coupled with the proliferation of rigorous regulations dictating how individuals are expected to behave.”


02 March 2008


Gorgeous macro photography of human eyes. From fashion photographer Rankin.

Dino Valls

02 March 2008


Seriously bizarre and talented Russian painter. Don’t know much about him but this work is amazing.


A team of scientists have spent 10 years proving a mathematical theory which has resulted in an object which rights itself, known as a Gomboc. More here.

Canada for Obama

02 March 2008


Arcade Fire will be playing a series of shows in Ohio to support Obama’s bid for presidential nomination. More here.


This is a shot of what is soon to be downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The city will include the world’s tallest skyscraper, tallest hotel, and a 6.5 million square foot mall. There’s also plans to build an archipelago of 300 islands in the shape of a world map just off the coast. Holy Allah!

Mistake the Beautiful

28 February 2008


Bryan Dalton from Portland.

Jesse Kaczmarek

28 February 2008


Nice portfolio from Jesse Kaczmarek.