07 March 2008


That’s one badass paint canister. From Rex in Johannesburg.




“To promote their colorful spring and summer collections, Gap enlisted Chris Do and the Blind team to create a video for Danish post-punk duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, better known as The Raveonettes. With only three weeks to conceive and complete the project, the team executed an edgy and elegant exploration of the contradictory forces that black and white represent.”

Watch video.

Story boards and behind the scenes look here. More also at the Gap site: The Sound of Color.

Cai Guo-Qiang

06 March 2008



Just stopped by cpluv and was reminded of this incredible artist that I saw featured on the PBS series Art: 21. Seriously cool installation art.

Creativity in education

06 March 2008

Ken Robinson at TED gives a humorous and convincing talk about the importance of creativity in education.

If you didn’t know about TED, it’s really worth checking out. “Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers”.

Blue Brain

06 March 2008


“Can a thinking, remembering, decision-making, biologically accurate brain be built from a supercomputer?”

Great article about the Blue Brain project which attempts to map the brain comprehensively in hardware and software.

Devil’s Pool

06 March 2008

“…Swimming at the Devil’s Pool, a natural rock pool at the very top of the Victoria Falls, at Zimbabwe, with a height of about 100 metres.”

Check out more pics and vids of the insanity.


Infrared sensors detect eye blinks – lets you change tracks, pause, etc. From Tokyo, of course. More here.

Hush and NikeID

05 March 2008



Really cool new in-store visuals for NikeID by Hush. More here.

JonPaul Douglass

05 March 2008


Nice work from JonPaul Douglass.

Tropic Thunder

05 March 2008


New Ben Stiller movie has Robert Downey Jr… as black man?