“Any teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be!” -Arthur C. Clarke

Listen to the remembrance from NPR, which includes snippets from a recording he made for friends and family in December ’07, entitled How it feels to have completed 90 orbits around the sun. Watch the whole video here.

He was also responsible, in part, for some of the cooler book covers to come out of the 20th century.

Great speech from a man of conviction and character.

Transcript here. Written entirely by him, which hasn’t been the case with any speech by any president or candidate since 1969.

Matthieu Bessudo

18 March 2008



Matthieu Bessudo and/or mcBess.

He directed Sigg Jones and he’s 23. Jerk.

Robot dog

17 March 2008

Meet man’s next best friend.

Art and Propaganda

17 March 2008

Speed Racer

16 March 2008



This looks like it could either be great or absolutely terrible. Nice colors though.

Givan Lötz

16 March 2008


Poster from Givan Lötz – Johannesburg.


Insightful article in Adweek from Joe Duffy, Duffy and Partners.

Copenhagen architecture

16 March 2008


More photography from Kim Høltermand.

Mat Maitland

13 March 2008



Mat Maitland is an Art Director at Big Active. He’s got quite a collection of incredible work from books to album covers. See more of his prints, among some other really nice work, at ProductOfGod.