JRP Ringier

20 May 2008


Working in the editorial industry myself, I can certainly appreciate a publishing house who values great design. JRP Ringier based in Switzerland is obviously one of those.


19 May 2008



H23 is the studio of Cristian Ordóñez from Santiago, Chile.

Enjoy the voyage

19 May 2008


Graphic Airlines from Hong Kong is having their exhibition “Talking” in Shenzhen.
Check out their latest works.

Watching just one of Jodorowsky’s films is like viewing a thousand posters with a thousand visual puns hidden within. Bizarre and wonderful. I strongly recommend El Topo and The Holy Mountain. Here’s a bit more about his career:

He started his film career in Mexico with Fando y Lis (1968). The feature-length film debuted in Acapulco at the Film Festival and is famous for having incited a full scale riot there, requiring that Jodorowsky be smuggled out in a limousine.
El Topo (1970), a mystical Western, was his second film and is now considered a cult classic. John Lennon and Yoko Ono helped to arrange the film’s release and distribution in the United States through Beatles manager Allen Klein.Jodorowsky’s third film, La montaña sagrada (The Holy Mountain) (1973), was entirely financed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. At a projected budget of US$1,500,000[citation needed], it was the most expensive Mexican film production to date. It has been suggested that The Holy Mountain may have been inspired by Rene Daumal’s surrealist novel Mount Analogu.

New author

18 May 2008


Big welcome to Driv Loo (aka robonut) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He comes highly recommended from TSA author Andrio Abero. Nice to have you Driv!


For those of you who like to design type, I recommend reading these: 

The Stroke: Theory of Writing by Gerrit Noordzij

“Starting from basic principles, Noordzij begins with the white space that creates definition by surrounding letters. Then, using simple geometrical concepts, he describes in minute detail how the strokes of writing can be formed. His theory serves to repair the split that grew up, with the invention of printing, between written and typographic letters.” (from Google Books)

The Letter Spirit by Doug Hofstadter, Gary McGraw and John Rehling

“The specific focus of Letter Spirit is the creative act of artistic letter-design. The aim is to model how the 26 lowercase letters of the roman alphabet can be rendered in many different but internally coherent styles. The program addresses two important aspects of letterforms: the categorical sameness possessed by letters belonging to a given category ( e.g., `a’) and the stylistic sameness possessed by letters belonging to a given style (e.g., Helvetica). Starting with one or more seed letters representing the beginnings of a style, the program will attempt to create the rest of the alphabet in such a way that all 26 letters share that same style, or spirit.” (download Gary McGraw’s thesis here)

Visionaire 53 Sound

18 May 2008

Visionaire 53 Sound

Visionaire is a limited edition, multi-format publication, exploring fashion, music and art, featuring emerging artists from around the world. Their latest release features over a hundred sound pieces by David Byrne, Cat Power, Christian Marclay, Spank Rock, Miranda July, DNTEL and more. Packaged in a dome case, each issue includes a MINI Clubman record player that drives along the vinyl surface.


18 May 2008


Zip is a multidisciplinary studio from London. They recently updated their site.

Concepts for all

16 May 2008


Brainchild of one of my old teachers at UQAM, Nelu Wolfensohn, Concepts For All is a free image bank for humanitarian causes. Each semester, students from Mr. Wolfensohn’s class will be asked to make new images for the image bank. Absolutely brilliant idea.

Studio feed

16 May 2008


Hello all. My first post will also be about a hometown favorite, Studio Feed. Thoughtful, smart and clean work. They pretty much do the kind work every designer would love to be doing in my opinion.