27 May 2008


Quite nice work from Timo Boese out of Hamburg.


24 May 2008


Really nice and clean work from Australia’s There.


23 May 2008


Behold people getting punched in the face in super slow motion. Yes!


23 May 2008


New exhibition out by depthCORE entitled Requiem. This piece is by featured artist Kervin Brisseaux.

Fiona Banner

23 May 2008


British artist Fiona Banner explores the limits and possibilities of language in text-based drawings, sculptures and installations. Best known for her laborious, handwritten descriptions of war films and epics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Banner has also used the art-historical genre of the nude to explore issues of violence, vulnerability and voyeurism; and has used sculptures of punctuation to investigate breakdowns and gaps in communication. – Excerpt from Artinfo interview, 2006.

Cody Hoyt

23 May 2008



I don’t know much about him, accept he uses silkscreen, lithography, etching, gouache, mixed media, pencil, marker, and ink, and his work is sweet. Site here.

William Lamson

22 May 2008


Brooklyn based artist William Lamson.
funny + brilliant stunt.

Tyler Stout

22 May 2008

The Thing by Tyler Stout

This wonderful 24″x36″ 5-color screen-printed poster was designed by Tyler Stout, commissioned by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Great illustrations and nice details, printing by D&L Screenprinting in Seattle. Be sure to check out his Blade Runner and Big Trouble in Little China designs. Unfortunately all three sold out.


YWFT are curating a poster gallery at typecon again this year. They are looking for your best poster work that has excellent usage of type on it. It can be the main focus, or minor. They will be displaying the best submissions and the poster show will most likely travel, like the last one did. There unfortunately doesn’t seem to be any prizes but it sure is good exposure.

Sam Prekop

22 May 2008


Bit of post-rock jazz to start your Thursday. This is Sam Prekop’s first solo record, Self-titled. He’s the front-man from The Sea and Cake, another fantastic Chicago band. And he’s a pretty great painter too, this album cover being one of his.