Big Fat Whale

03 June 2008


I bookmarked this site a long time ago, followed his work for some months and slowly I left it behind with the rest of the links in my bookmark. Some weeks ago I re-discoverd this site while I was searching for another link and I started reading again Brian Mc Fadden´s comics, which are simply great.
I hope you enjoy them as well.

Ondrej Jób

02 June 2008


Ondrej Jób is a graphic design student from Bratislava, Slovakia. Nice typography and design over at URTD.

Ira Glass

01 June 2008

Pretty inspiring advice from Ira GlassThis American Life. Via The Denver Egotist.


31 May 2008


Gusto is the design partnership of Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine. Great attention to typography in all of their projects. Also, make sure you visit Jack’s personal type foundry, Smeltery, which offers a lot of beautiful free fonts.

Mario what

29 May 2008

A custom Mario World level that is set up to be in perfect rhythm with an anime soundtrack. CRAZY!

 Bruno Munari 1



Just picked up this great little book on the xerox experiments of Italian designer, Bruno Munari. Looking through the pages, it only further convinces me that older technologies will always have a place in the process of making.

Aaron Osborn

29 May 2008

Aaron Osborn

Beautiful work from Brooklyn artist Aaron Osborn, presenting new works at a new Seattle gallery called Cairo. Opening reception June 7, 6-10pm at 507 E. Mercer St.

Will Bryant

29 May 2008


22 year-old graphic design student from Mississipi State University.
Click here to visit his website.


This is how Daniel Liebeskind creates an expansion to a museum. Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

Mores McWreath

28 May 2008


Mores McWreath makes some great artwork.