Techno Tree

07 July 2008

techno tree

A family tree of techno illustrated by the amazing Si Scott. To be released on the music inspired fashion label Electronic Poet.

A Celebration of June

07 July 2008


We’ve been asked to throw up a small mention for an upcoming poster exhibition held by the London College of Communication.

The exhibition displays 30 A1 posters produced by 30 creative individuals from throughout Europe, each offering their own interpretation of a day in June. As a collective the posters present a unique insight into the month of June, covering a variety of creative disciplines and providing a range of personalized approaches.

Full details here.


06 July 2008




Giovanni Paletta, aka Krghettojuice, just updated with some new work. Really nice stuff, thanks for the link Giovanni!

The Heads of State

05 July 2008

The Heads of State

The Heads of State launched their new website. It’s about time fellas! Masterful posters and illustrations from the bi-coastal duo Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers.

Force Twelve

04 July 2008

Force Twelve

Nice update from the australian graphic designer Adam Gibson aka ForceTwelve

Damien Poulain

04 July 2008



Damien Poulain is a french graphic designer and art director who has lived and worked in Germany, Spain and Italy before recently settling in East London where he founded his practice in 2003.
Great work  worth  visiting.

Kamil Rekosz

04 July 2008

Kamil Rekosz

a minimal approach.

Edward Hann

03 July 2008



Edward Hann from the UK.

WALL•E Featurette

03 July 2008

New WALL•E Featurette with director Andrew Stanton among others.

Sandra Kassenaar

03 July 2008




Strong work from Amsterdam by Sandra Kassenaar.