Sanna Annukka

06 August 2008



Beautifully illustrated work by Sanna Annukka. Check out her new shop for silk screened prints.

Graphic Therapy

06 August 2008


Portfolio of David Calderley. I love the art for this Interpol record. Photography credit: Seth Smoot.

Valentin Adam

05 August 2008

Valentin Adam

Valentin Adam is a french student in graphic design. His work of posters and typographic creations are simply impressive.


04 August 2008


Really been loving this foursome out of San Francisco recently. This is a record of theirs from a couple years back, Telescope Mind. Band site here.


Thomas Brooks

31 July 2008


Thomas Brooks from the UK. I really like his poster series for the Horror Film Festival as well.

Mark Jenkins

31 July 2008




Mark Jenkins does brilliant street and nature installations. The shot of the posed donkey street performer made me laugh – it’s an actual statue, not a guy in a suit. Quite amazing that you can get people to donate money to a statue of a man painted gold, wearing a donkey mask… See the video here.

Philippe Apeloig

29 July 2008

Philippe Apeloig

The work of Philippe Apeloig and his studio is simply amazing. He’s a french AD based in Paris, member of the AGI.

Peter Sunna

28 July 2008



Niceness from Swedish designer/art director Peter Sunna.


25 July 2008


This is a collection of essays from Wire looking back on the development of modern music in the 20th century. I just finished it on the plane. Really interesting. Cover design by Non-Format.


New photo gallery from Kim Høltermand… really cool subject matter.