Stephen Eichhorn

23 September 2008

“Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn creates delicate hand cut paper collages from reproductions of foliage – palm fronds, grasses, leaves and flowers”

These new shirts are tite.

Stephen Eichhorn

Daniel Arsham

23 September 2008

Design Project

22 September 2008


British modernism at it’s very best

Porcelain Paper Plates

22 September 2008


Plate collection made of porcelin and actual shredded paper plates by Virginia Sin, who is also a talented designer.

Benjamin Hubert

19 September 2008


17 September 2008


Ratatat is Mike Stroud and Evan Mast from Brooklyn. This is their second full-length release, Classics.

Loud Pipes


Photographs by Wang Di.

Via Designboom

Metallica – brand

16 September 2008


Fascinating article on Metallica’s new brand identity over at Brand New. They’ve elected to use Turner Duckworth, one of the larger branding ships out there (Coke, Amazon, etc), to update their logo and create album artwork/collateral for their latest release.

BKK Architects / tin&ed

16 September 2008

tin&ed BKK architects

BKK Architect’s website designed by tin&ed, interesting use of fine lines.

Prepared Turntable

15 September 2008


For you DJ’s, or even just producers, music enthusiasts and tech-nerds, Yuri Suzuki created an amazing device, Prepared Turntable.