Animal identity

13 October 2008

Wolfette by Kimberly BakerBlack Unicorn Earrings by Kimberly BakerRosethorn pendant by Kimberly Baker

There is an excellent documentary by Ward Serrill called, “ The Heart of the Game”. Its about the challenging relationship between adrenalized high school girls’ basketball coach Bill Resler and star player Darnellia Russell. The Coach has an empowering approach towards inspiring his team; he has them imagine themselves to be a pack of wolves, each one being a part of the pack with their own unique personal touch. Together they attack their competition with respect whilst also ripping them to shreds.

Upon seeing this film you will feel ready to take on the world, as well as find your own animal identity! Why not show everyone around just who you are inside, by wearing it on the outside?

Envision the flower etched wolf head ring by Northwest designer Kimberly Baker on your finger as a symbol of that inner power you have against life’s opposition.

If wolves are too aggressive, perhaps unicorn horns, or a golden rose thorn will show the world your mission with a more delicate touch?

All of these identities can be found… here.

Alexandr Skarlinski

13 October 2008


»twenty vague picket signs« by Alexandr Skarlinski. via vvork.

Mytton Williams

12 October 2008




New site and strong design work from Mytton Williams

Tal R

11 October 2008

“Painting is a zombie medium. As a painter you are a little bit like a guy showing up in a tiger suit at a techno party. So your dress code is outdated, but you might still have the best moves on the dance floor.”

Nice works from Tal R. Check out his new zine at Nieves.

Keetra Dean Dixon

10 October 2008





I can’t explain how much I’m enjoying the work of ACD Young Guns 6 winner Keetra Dean Dixon.

Côme de Bouchony

09 October 2008

Côme de Bouchony

Côme de Bouchony, a french graphic designer based in Paris. Check his updated website!

Stacy Barnes

09 October 2008




Gorgeous work from Minneapolis.


Droog Design and Scott Burnham have assembled a team of some of the most innovative designers and architects from around the world to create 13 newly designed interventions, tools, toys and objects that are temporarily placed along a route on the central IJ-riverfront in Amsterdam.

See the making of and sad ending to the above project: Urban Play 2008 Sagmeister Inc.

More info on this series: ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam 2008

Jack Crossing

08 October 2008



Jack Crossing from the UK. Really nice work, especially for a recent grad.

Craft as Design

06 October 2008

I’m going to apologize for my complete lack of posting on here. I should be a much better participant in the community of design as a whole and part of that is being able to blog here. This fact becomes especially apparent when I look around where I sit and see a ring inspiring of books, papers, sketches, and photocopies that could be shared.  So, with that being said…


From Macrame: Creative Design in Knotting by Dona Z. Meilach, Published 1971


From Whittling and Woodcarving by E.J. Tangerman, First published in 1936

Alot of what has grown to inspire me is very much rooted in the midwestern craft tradition; sewing, needlework, kitschy projects, quilting, and so on. These hobbies share many of the same principles of graphic design; color, composition, line, pattern, geometry, organization of information, collage, etc. I think what most intrigues me about craft as design or design as craft is the fusion of old techniques with new ideas and new forms, but I want to see it pushed beyond Papier-mâché and Cross-stitch.