15 October 2008




BVD is a design and branding bureau, lovely work here…

Frank Chimero

15 October 2008

Frank Chimero

Clever and beautiful work from Frank Chimero

Raking Leaves in the Wind

15 October 2008


Our friend Eve Duhamel sent us a note letting us know about her new exhibition happening Oct 29 in Berlin. It features her work along with Julien Vallée and Brent Wadden. More info can be found at

Some friends and I recently went to the ’08 All Tomorrow’s Parties festival – a 3 day event with 35 bands held at an old decrepit 50′s country club in upstate New York. It was basically Summer camp for indie nerds. Here’s a bit more specific info: NY Times articles: 1 and 2; Pitchfork articles and photo galleries: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Just got a few photos back, thought I’d share. I included a little track to go along with each pic… if you squint your eyes you might be able to imagine you’re there!! Oh, and just as a side note – the absolute climax, late Sunday night, was a 20 minute drone by the co-curators, My Bloody Valentine. They brought in an additional PA system just for their set, which literally shook our innards. It was their first show in the States in something like 18 years.

They’re holding another one next year at the same place. Info and tix available at the ATP website.


Mogwai – Glasgow Mega-Snake


Tortoise – The Taut and Tame


Shellac – Paco


Lightning Bolt – track name unknown


My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow

Matt Stuart

14 October 2008




Some very interesting, witty, well observed street photography, Matt Stuart has a fantastic eye.

Dowling Design

14 October 2008



The Brilliant work of Dowling Design


14 October 2008





Nathan over at Intercity got in touch today with some news about a new exhibition by Converse.

As part of the global PRODUCT RED project and in association with the Dondi White Foundation, “Converse have approached 100 artists, each to design a shoe. The project has just launched in the UK with an exhibition of some of the original artist shoes currently at Size? sneaker store in Carnaby Street. Some artists hand-painted their shoes as references for the production versions – and both instances of these (original and production shoes) are currently being shown at the exhibition.

Artists and designers include both established names and fresh talent – the likes of Jeremyville, Ben Drury, Chris Bettig, Lupe Fiasco, Grandpeople, Jeff Hamada, Gary Hume, Rostarr, and many more…”

Animal identity

13 October 2008

Wolfette by Kimberly BakerBlack Unicorn Earrings by Kimberly BakerRosethorn pendant by Kimberly Baker

There is an excellent documentary by Ward Serrill called, “ The Heart of the Game”. Its about the challenging relationship between adrenalized high school girls’ basketball coach Bill Resler and star player Darnellia Russell. The Coach has an empowering approach towards inspiring his team; he has them imagine themselves to be a pack of wolves, each one being a part of the pack with their own unique personal touch. Together they attack their competition with respect whilst also ripping them to shreds.

Upon seeing this film you will feel ready to take on the world, as well as find your own animal identity! Why not show everyone around just who you are inside, by wearing it on the outside?

Envision the flower etched wolf head ring by Northwest designer Kimberly Baker on your finger as a symbol of that inner power you have against life’s opposition.

If wolves are too aggressive, perhaps unicorn horns, or a golden rose thorn will show the world your mission with a more delicate touch?

All of these identities can be found… here.

Alexandr Skarlinski

13 October 2008


»twenty vague picket signs« by Alexandr Skarlinski. via vvork.

Mytton Williams

12 October 2008




New site and strong design work from Mytton Williams