Daily inspiration

24 November 2008


Nice image to start the day for some of you around the world, or to go to bed for others…
Anyway, Augusto Giovanetti´s illustrations are simply great, do not miss his stuff at prrr.tv
Good day / night to all of you who visit us everyday.

The Moment

23 November 2008

Student short film by Csaba Letay and Verena Fels for the International Festival of Animated Film.

Ben Barry

21 November 2008


Well-tempered and impecably crafted work by Texan Ben Barry.

Edit: Ben and Frank Chimero have started a new page where you can ask them any question.

Deck of Kings

21 November 2008


Chicago folk – check out this exhibit tonight. Includes an indoor skatepark from the sound of things. More info here.

Olaf Breuning

21 November 2008




The strange and fascinating world of Olaf Breuning.

Richard Mia

20 November 2008

I’m really enjoying the work of Richard Mia.

The Unloader

20 November 2008

The Unloader

The Unloader takes any documents you send, prints it and then destroys it.

Not exactly environmentally friendly, but a charming idea.

Thomas Ulrik Madsen

19 November 2008

Thomas Ulrik Madsen

Very great work from Thomas Ulrik Madsen.

Benoit Pelletier-Diabolus

17 November 2008

Benoit Pelletier-Diabolus



Benoit Pelletier-Diabolus is a graphic design and photography studio from Reims, France.

Miles Aldridge

16 November 2008




Portrait/fashion photographer – Miles Aldridge.