Aurélien Arnaud

23 January 2012

Aurélien Arnaud, founder of PNTS, is now freelancing and has updated his site.

New authors

17 January 2012


Today we’re adding 4 new contributors to the TSA roster. Chicago based Greg Anderson, Toronto based Laurie Kang, Venezuelan born/Brooklyn based Yker Moreno and Swedish born/Brooklyn based Peter Sunna.

Welcome friends.

Benjamin Edmiston

16 January 2012

Benjamin Edmiston’s compositions are fueled by the creation a familiar but askew world. Using a flat and decorative style, his fantastical settings are inhabited by ominous characters. Planes of floating heads, half-skinned snakes, and bodiless arms are some of his visual vocabulary; recalling the tension of an early, crude Mickey Mouse cartoon – or a misplaced folk sculpture, standing eerily on a dusty shelf. Benjamin lives and works in Brooklyn.

Sergio Calderón

16 January 2012

Sergio Calderón is a visual artist based in London. Thanks for the email.

MAGA atelier

16 January 2012

MAGA atelier is a design studio in Lisbon, a collaboration of José Mendes, Luís Alvoeiro and Carlos Guerreiro.

Ink & Paper

11 January 2012

Filmmaker Ben Proudfoot made a really lovely, short documentary about two neighboring shops – one of them a paper shop (McManus & Morgan Paper), the other a letterpress printer (Aardvark Letterpress) – both struggling to survive in downtown Los Angeles. It’s as heart wrenching as it is heart warming: a story of passionate shop owners who continue to do what they love, with very little financial gain or stability.

Peggy Wolf

10 January 2012

Peggy Wolf grew up in Germany and studied fashion design there, before graduating to work for an art gallery, a trend-consulting company, a freelance illustrator for magazines… and currently, in interior design. She found her true passion for illustration by way fashion; happier not to dress, but rather to draw, paint and collage artfully-clad women, using her strong eye for color, and a bold use of line and juxtaposed texture. On a whim, she moved to London, where she now lives.

For the Royal Monceau Hotel

08 January 2012

Short film about the conception and fabrication of an armchair created for the Royal Monceau Hotel. Design by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet. Fabrication by Domeau & Pérès.

Jon Arne Berg

08 January 2012

Jon Arne Berg from Oslo, Norway. Thanks for the email.

Here’s a preview of the very soon to be released Gratuitous Type issue #2. Lock the bedroom door, dim the lights and feast your aesthetically tuned eyes to many buxom beauties of design and type. Then hide it back under your bed so your parents don’t find it.