Mirjam Linschooten

07 March 2009


mirjam linschooten


Magazine cover proposals from Mirjam Linschooten.


06 March 2009

Cargo is a nifty new creative publishing platform, which displays your work in a variety of templates or with custom css. Brought to us by Folkert Gorter and Josh Pangell (Newstoday, SpaceCollective). Similar idea to Indexhibit, and many others, yet they’ll host it for free and it has a nice community aspect to it. Plus the overall design/layout is really well thought out.

It’s currently beta, but you can apply for an account here.


06 March 2009

Nice handful of free and reasonably priced fonts over at Fontfabric.

David Marsh

05 March 2009

David Marsh is in his 3rd year at the Lincoln School of Art & Design. Gorgeous clean work, thanks for the link!

Landon Metz

04 March 2009

Landon Metz from LA. I especially like this stop motion piece, Castles.

Via Epilogue Magazine

Paul Fox

03 March 2009

Paul Fox out of the UK.


03 March 2009


Momorobo. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are just ok.

I Shot New York

02 March 2009

Andreas Nicolas Fischer

02 March 2009

Andreas Nicolas Fischer is a Berlin-based artist. He works with data, sculpture and code.

Patrick Fry

01 March 2009

Patrick Fry is a recent grad from London College of Communications. Thanks for the link!