28 September 2011

ODLCO, formerly known as The Object Design League, is making object design in Chicago exciting. Cofounded by Caroline Linder and Lisa Smith, ODLCO has an impressive backlog of projects and events. Never dull or clinical, the approach is something that comes from a genuine fascination of objects and their context in the world. A perfect example is the wonderfully engaging and surprising “Balloon Factory” , installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago back in July.

Their latest product (and the first under the new ODLCO banner) is a cast iron cooking pot by designer Gabriel Hargrove. Check out the Kickstarter –– this one will go fast!



21 August 2012, 10:34 am Capitol Butter Dish! | The Strange Attractor says:

[...] love this. Some of you may remember my posts a few months back about the brilliant Wabi Nabe cast iron pot from Chicago design brand ODLCO. They’ve recently redesigned their site and [...]

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