Repeat-x Repeat-y: free patterns

05 April 2010

A fantastic resource just launched called Repeat-x Repeat-y.

The aim of the site is to showcase the best repeating patterns from around the world, and make them freely available (for non-commercial use). Already the site has over 60 patterns from amazing illustrators, artists & designers, such as Matt Lyons, Ben the illustrator, Matt Booth, Jonny Wan, the boy fitz hammond, Jeffery Bowman, Gregg Abbott and many more.

They’re open to submissions and hope to keep it growing.


11 April 2010, 10:28 am Patterns Patterns Patterns | StudioUP - says:

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05 July 2010, 8:28 pm Ethan says:

Phenomenal! This is such a great idea – thank you for introducing it to us.

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