The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky

18 May 2008

Watching just one of Jodorowsky’s films is like viewing a thousand posters with a thousand visual puns hidden within. Bizarre and wonderful. I strongly recommend El Topo and The Holy Mountain. Here’s a bit more about his career:

He started his film career in Mexico with Fando y Lis (1968). The feature-length film debuted in Acapulco at the Film Festival and is famous for having incited a full scale riot there, requiring that Jodorowsky be smuggled out in a limousine.
El Topo (1970), a mystical Western, was his second film and is now considered a cult classic. John Lennon and Yoko Ono helped to arrange the film’s release and distribution in the United States through Beatles manager Allen Klein.Jodorowsky’s third film, La montaña sagrada (The Holy Mountain) (1973), was entirely financed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. At a projected budget of US$1,500,000[citation needed], it was the most expensive Mexican film production to date. It has been suggested that The Holy Mountain may have been inspired by Rene Daumal’s surrealist novel Mount Analogu.


24 May 2008, 1:45 pm Brendan says:

I’d seen a bit of Holy Mountain a long time ago, thanks for reminding me about it so I could watch the whole thing. Definitely a cool and unique experience.

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