Oliver Wasow

24 April 2008


Photographic artist from NYC. None of his work uses Photoshop, all is collaged, rephotographed, xeroxed, etc. This piece was used on Tortoise‘s fifth album, It’s All Around You.

Please note: this post was not entirely accurate, and has been clarified in the comments section. Thanks Oliver.


26 April 2008, 4:42 am oliver wasow says:

Hi Pete,
Thanks for posting my picture. I just wanted to add that there is in fact a fair amount of photoshop involved in my work, at least the stuff made after 1994.

26 April 2008, 5:59 pm Pete says:

Hey Oliver. Well that’s a relief. I was wondering how anyone could create work like this without Photoshop! Funny, I just realized I was referencing an article about you in the NY Times from ’93, so that would make sense. Thanks for stopping by and setting the record straight.

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