The Mobius Strip… shoe?

22 May 2009
'Fold' by United Nude

'Fold' by United Nude

It is just a guess that mathematician August F. Möbius never foresaw his algebraic equation for the curious Mobius Strip, becoming an inspiration for the smart shoe designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, called ‘Fold’.

Found in the classic collection at United Nude, conceptually ‘Fold’ is the fluent movement of a single piece of elastic fabric. Anyone who appreciates wearing shoes will understand this translates into comfort beyond ones expectations.

The shoes mixture of elastic, PVC, carbon fiber, and occasionally rubber, allow it to bend while enclosing your foot inside a compact shape of lasting support.

It’s an ideal way to carry your feet in public. Alas it is only for women.


23 May 2009, 3:26 am Serena Y says:

I have a long time love for United Nude.

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