Holiday Gift Guide Part VII

13 December 2008

Inspired by Christine’s heavily hyperlinked internet phone post, I thought I would share a few things on my gift list this year. Some of this is wishful thinking (what blog-induced gift list isn’t, really?) other things are by talented friends who just happen to be selling a thing or two.


1. Reclaimed Paper Sketchbooks by Papergeist
Matt Normand has been creating these amazing sketchbooks and planners from reclaimed office paper and found LP covers. Each is unique and assembled with equal measures of wit and care.

2. Prints by Lab Partners
Ryan Mies and Sarah Labeniec both deserve full posts here (in due time!) – their work is tight and somehow they manage to make these super classy prints on the side. Check out the blog, too.

3. Anything from Tas-Ka
Much like Kiosk, but a bit less ironic. Most of the items for sale at Tas-Ka are Dutch vintage finds.

4. “Feast” Cookbook from Lines and Shapes Magazine
Besides design books, I buy cookbooks more than any other type of book. Some are more essential than others, but when it comes down to it, few cookbooks are really personal. “Feast” special edition is slipcased, signed and hand-numbered; 300 copies available.

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