All Tomorrow’s Parties – NY 2008

14 October 2008

Some friends and I recently went to the ’08 All Tomorrow’s Parties festival – a 3 day event with 35 bands held at an old decrepit 50′s country club in upstate New York. It was basically Summer camp for indie nerds. Here’s a bit more specific info: NY Times articles: 1 and 2; Pitchfork articles and photo galleries: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Just got a few photos back, thought I’d share. I included a little track to go along with each pic… if you squint your eyes you might be able to imagine you’re there!! Oh, and just as a side note – the absolute climax, late Sunday night, was a 20 minute drone by the co-curators, My Bloody Valentine. They brought in an additional PA system just for their set, which literally shook our innards. It was their first show in the States in something like 18 years.

They’re holding another one next year at the same place. Info and tix available at the ATP website.


Mogwai – Glasgow Mega-Snake


Tortoise – The Taut and Tame


Shellac – Paco


Lightning Bolt – track name unknown


My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow

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