Vaka Valo – Antarctica

27 November 2012

Vaka Valo recently shared some work with us and I was curious to learn more about his process, so I asked him. Here’s a bit of background on his latest series:

The project “Antarctica” is my ongoing investigation/documentation of the occurrences I encounter on the ground surfaces of public underground parking garages (usually hospitals) in the middle of the night, while balancing my time between East Asia and Europe. These “paintings” made by tires, shoes, spills, leaks, are in a constant state of transition, like the anonymous people, cars, and machines that made them. Sometimes, I have revisited a particular site only to find the original raw material faded, added upon, painted over, or completely gone. It is surprising how something ignored on the ground can become beautiful, when placed into a different context. For example, the third composition is actually a photo-gram of bird shit. But it looks like a painting. And it is a painting. Just not a painting made with canvas, paint, or brushes.

Véronique Pêcheux

12 November 2012

Véronique Pêcheux from Paris recently updated.


09 November 2012

DEVICE out of Barcelona sent along their new reel. The site is worth a peak, especially the bonus material. Don’t click the logo.

Michael Boswell

08 November 2012

Great work from Michael Boswell out of Brooklyn. Thanks for the email.

X Marks the Spot

05 November 2012

Csilla Klenyanszki is a Hungarian artist currently based in the Netherlands. These shots are from a series called, X Marks the Spot.

Anthony Gerace

05 November 2012

Anthony Gerace recently published a color study of 100 images entitled, Fig. 1-99. Each one is constructed from a single image, or rather the counterforms from an image, sourced from magazines like Life, Time, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, and others

See the whole series on his flickr.