some perfect world

30 August 2012

Maya Singh is a photographer from Chandigarh, India. Her tumblr has an impressive amount of beautifully composed photos. Thanks for the email.

Type and Media 2012

29 August 2012

Type and Media is an intensive one-year masters course in type design held at The Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, The Netherlands. The course teaches a wide range of skills in the area of type design such as calligraphy, stone carving, non-latin scripts, typeface revivals, Python programming, modern font editing software as well as the creation of new letters. This website is an archive of the final project typefaces created in the last four months of the 2011/2012 course.

Masako Kubo

24 August 2012

Masako Kubo lives and works in Tokyo. She studied illustration at University College of Falmouth, England.

Capitol Butter Dish!

21 August 2012

Capitol Butter Dish from ODLCO on Vimeo.


I love this.
Some of you may remember my posts a few months back about the brilliant Wabi Nabe cast iron pot from Chicago design brand ODLCO. They’ve recently redesigned their site and launched their new product, the Capitol Butter dish, by Morgan Carter – just in time for the political season. Made of 100% white porcelain, it’s charming and stately – rather unlike anyone in political news at the moment.

Referencing the token building souvenirs you might find when visiting DC, but made with the attentive hand of a craftsman, the Capitol Butter Dish takes a stately presence on your table while serving the lowly job of butter dish. And, the front lawn performs dual service as a knife rest.

On sale now at


Miroco Machiko

17 August 2012

Miroco Machiko lives and works in Japan. Her charming flora and fauna paintings amaze, with their fauvistic use of color and primitive linework. Gorgeous.

Metro Deck

14 August 2012

Metro Deck: limited-edition playing cards silkscreened on recycled New York Metro cards. Available for purchase on Etsy. Design and production by Norman Ibarra.