I love you Magazine

30 June 2012

I picked up this copy of I love you yesterday. It’s a nice one — featuring a great interview with Tyra Banks.

Pia Bramley

25 June 2012

I’m digging Pia Bramley’s drawings. Especially that baby.

If you have any self-respect as a designer, get on this. That is all.

This book has been doing the rounds a bit, but I’m still swooning so incase you haven’t seen it – Current State: Snowboarding is a book that compiles some of the most prominent individuals and images of snowboarding´s past three decades.

450 pages thick and made up from two interconnected books, it features interviews with 23 of the culture’s most influential characters in an attempt to paint a picture of snowboarding’s current state.

Written, Edited and Designed by David Benedek.

Axel Peemöller

20 June 2012

Axel Peemöller, living and working on a sailboat in the Mediterranean?

Recess New York

20 June 2012

For those in New York, check Recess this weekend on Governors Island. The annual badminton tournament is on Saturday, music included. Plus delicious treats by Je & Jo and Panade.

Saturday, June 23rd
Colonel’s Row, Governors Island


John Barton

19 June 2012

The Rainbowmonkey

12 June 2012

Markus Hofko from New Zealand, aka Rainbowmonkey, just updated. Thanks for the email.