Emmanuel Plougoulm

30 April 2012

Emmanuel Plougoulm from Montreal. Thanks for the email.

French agency, Murmure, has updated with new work.

Josh Finklea

25 April 2012

Updates by Josh Finklea, who has recently graduated. Congrats!

Pinchy & Friends

23 April 2012

Pinchy & Friends is a mixtape site headed by Pinchy Don (director Tom Kuntz) featuring mixes by an eclectic group of contributors from a variety of creative fields.

There will be an inaugural celebration in honor of the site on Wednesday, 25 April in Los Angeles. Many of the contributors will be on hand supplying delicious sonic treats.

Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Avenue
LA, CA 90027

Designer/director Karim Zariffa was recently tasked with a restaurant redesign, something he’s never done before. The project included a host of elements, including repurposed furniture, custom fixtures and a wild mirror installation in the bathroom. The results are amazing.

Emilio Gomariz

13 April 2012

Thanks to Emilio Gomariz, I’ll never look at OS X the same.


09 April 2012

From Haifa, Israel, Unga.

Marcelo Gomes

05 April 2012

Photographer Marcelo Gomes of Brasil.

Mulheres Barbadas

01 April 2012

Mulheres Barbadas, aka the Bearded Ladies, are Henrique Lima and Julio Zukerman. Working together based in São Paulo since 2007, the illustration duo joined forces to fill empty spaces with monochromatic doodles.