Today our friends over at The Mixtape Club will host episode 005 of their Pirate Radio broadcast live from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Music starts at 23:30 GMT.

Tune in via your browser, iTunes or mobile.

Eva Eun-Sil Han

27 March 2012

Drawings, collages and things by Eva Eun-Sil Han.

The Creators Project sent us a note about their exclusive on a new installaion by Quayola and Memo Akten. The work is called Forms and is part of the In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement exhibition at the National Media Museum, which runs from 9 March to 2 September 2012 and explores the “capture and synthesis of movement”.

Childhood of a Circle

25 March 2012

Beautiful short film directed and animated by Kadavre Exquis, with sound design by John Kassab. Also checkout some of the pretty neat landscape design I and II, as well as Exquis’ original soundtrack.

Primitive Heritage

23 March 2012

A collection of prints for sale over at Primitive Heritage.

Sergio Membrillas

22 March 2012

Sergio Membrillas is a freelance illustrator based in Valencia, California.

Jack Vanzet

22 March 2012

Melbourne based designer Jack Vanzet. Thanks for the email.

More Tong

18 March 2012

Shanghai based graphic designer/ typographer –  More Tong.

A few days ago, PBS Arts kicked off the second season of its online series, “Off Book”. The first episode of the new season is devoted to Animated GIFs…

Jack Featherstone

12 March 2012

Jack Featherstone is a graphic artist living and working in London. See Jack with Max Parsons at their upcoming show at The Frontroom in Cambridge, 18th Mar – 20th Apr. Thank you for the email.