Ricardo Cavolo

22 December 2011

Hands-down, my new favorite illustrator, Ricardo Cavolo was born in Salamanca (Spain) and now lives in Madrid. His style is a fantastic mélange of religious art, Russian criminal tattoos, South American flora, nautical themes, and naïve/outsider art. Quite the mix, with a great sense of humor. Be sure to also check out his online diary and Flickr.

Burton Kramer Film Trailer

21 December 2011

Julie Rousset

21 December 2011

Paris-based Julie Rousset does a little of everything, from identities, collateral, typefaces, publications and exhibits. Really digging her refined, clean-yet-playful aesthetic.

Shin, Dokho

17 December 2011

Loads of nice work by Shin, Dokho in South Korea.

Morey Talmor

16 December 2011

Morey Talmor is a recent graduate of Shenkar Collage of Design in Tel Aviv, Israel, now living in New York. Thanks for the email.

Joshua Hibbert

16 December 2011

Joshua Hibbert is a graphic and sound designer from London.

Dogs in Cars by Keith Hopkin

12 December 2011

Dogs (not in hot) Cars


Peter Sunna

09 December 2011

Updates by Swedish-born designer and art director Peter Sunna, based in Brooklyn, NY.

Madhavan Palanisamy

09 December 2011

Madhavan Palanisamy is a photographer based out of Chennai, India. Thanks for the email.

Mandy Rep

08 December 2011

Mandy Rep from the Netherlands, currently working at a fashion agency in Copenhagen.