Tsto update

15 November 2011

Good friend and past TSA contributor, Antti Uotila, wrote to let us know Tsto updated with a new site and new work. The company is made up of Uotila and five of his close friends from The University of Art and Design in Helsinki, now known as Aalto University. And in case you were wondering, Tsto is short for ‘office’ in Finnish.

Acid Drops

14 November 2011

“The first in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders.”

Matt Box


13 November 2011

Brooklyn-based artist JK5 presents Threeemorrow: a multimedia exhibition that includes a selection of paintings, drawings, sketchbooks and ephemera culled from the last decade of output alongside his visually stunning new body of hand-etched scratchboard prints.

“This show is an opportunity to crystalize a body of new work, with a retrospective component of Visual B-Sides: an edited selection of works never shown before. The title of the show refers to how the birth of my daughter triggered an explosion of creativity and output as well as a rebirth of my own consciousness as my family of 2, or Twomorrow, grew into a family of 3: Threeemorrow. This show encapsulates my attempts to passionately give textual, poetic, iconographic, and imagistic language to the experience.”

Opening Reception:
17 November 2011, 7-10pm
Mexico Showroom
22D Howard Street
New York, NY 10013

Joel Evey

12 November 2011

Joel Evey is an art director at Urban Outfitters in Philly.


12 November 2011

The Os Gemeos show Fermata looks stunning. On display until 12 Feb at Museu Vale in Vila Velha, Brasil.

Corey Smith

12 November 2011

Paintings by Corey Smith.

Phyllis Galembo

11 November 2011

Phyllis Galembo’s interest in the masquerade traditions of Africa and its diaspora began twenty-five years ago, with her first visit to Nigeria. As a past Fulbright scholar, she has spent her career photographing the rituals and religious culture in Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, as well as the homegrown custom of Halloween in the United States. Making portraits that document and describe the transformative power of the mask. Her subjects are participants in masquerade events, both traditional ceremonies and contemporary fancy dress and carnival, all of whom use costume, body paint and masks to create mythic characters – sometimes entertaining and humorous, often dark and frightening, and always powerful and thrilling.

She has written several books, and exhibited throughout the world, including in solo shows at the International Center of Photography, New York, and the Smithsonian, Washington DC. Galembo is represented by Steven Kasher Gallery, New York, and is Professor of Photography at the State University of New York. She lives in New York City.

Motion Theory for IBM

09 November 2011

Breathtaking work by Motion Theory for IBM’s THINK exhibit at the Lincoln Center. Watch this full screen. 

Anna Topuriya

06 November 2011

Site updates by New York based illustrator Anna Topuriya.

Nine Circles Number Clock

06 November 2011

Nine Circles Number is new numeral system based on a simple visual logic of arithmetic progression. Instead of relying on memorizing the elements, it relies on counting the elements.” Concept by Ji Lee.