Ingredients of Summer

30 June 2010

New gallery launched from Absolute Sellout.

Tauba Auerbach

30 June 2010




Just love the work of bi-coastal artist Tauba Auerbach. It’s really refreshing in it’s simplicity.

Hirofumi Inaba

30 June 2010


A nice series of shots of Baja, California by Hirofumi Inaba

Guilherme Falcão

28 June 2010

Last week we launched the TSA Library, added its first book (Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams) and held a drawing to give away one free copy. Congratulations to Martina Petrelli from Lyon, France!

Thanks to everyone who entered. We will be adding another book in a couple of days (with a bit more challenging giveaway rules). For anyone else interested in getting their hands on Less and More, you can pick one up directly from the publisher here.

Sergey Sbss

28 June 2010

Sergey Sbss is a designer from Moscow, Russia.

Frozzen Magazine 05

28 June 2010

Issue 05 of the Spanish e-magazine Frozzen out now.




Undoing is a butoh performance series that explores modes of erasing the individual mind’s claim to the body. This radical point of erasure between object and subject is pursued in order to achieve a quality of emptiness. Once the individual has been eclipsed, the ego silenced, the body will be danced. Undoing will undo itself everyday on the Drostdy Lawns at the National Arts Festival Grahamstown.

Concept & Music: Orlando & Givan Lötz

Performance: Frauke

Costumes: Black Coffee

Styling: Nicole Van Heerden

Photography: Brett Rubin


24 June 2010

The work of Quinta-Feira in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.

Psychometry Podcast

23 June 2010


I’m happy to announce my new monthly podcast, Psychometry, a continuous DJ mix of electronic, deep house, techno with a splash of pop and indie. You can subscribe to it via iTunes. I find it interesting that a lot of designers I know are also DJ’s. With that said for future episodes I plan on splitting the mix between myself and a guest DJ. In the meantime enjoy.