David Sykes

21 April 2010



Interesting photography from David Sykes.

Michael Willis

21 April 2010


This is the online portfolio of 23 year old graphic artist Michael Willis. Make sure to check out his Forever Heavy video, a great video and a great band.

Calling on Students

21 April 2010

As end of term approaches for many students out there, and since we tend to get a lot of student submissions, we thought we would curate a section here on TSA dedicated to upcoming graduates. If you are graduating soon and would like your work to be featured, please send us your name, school, url, graduation date, and a short bio about yourself. Needless to say, you must be in some creative field to apply, but this could extend to writing, performance, or other types of art you think would be an appropriate fit for TSA.

Please send entries to hello [at] thestrangeattractor.net

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Andrea Wan interview

21 April 2010

Hearty Magazine just released their brand new cover and Featured Artist interview with Andrea Wan. Worth the read.

Stepan Prokop

21 April 2010

Stepan Prokop got in touch with us from the Czech Republic.

Borja Bonaque

20 April 2010



Diverse Illustrator and Designer Borja Bonaque


19 April 2010


Draft japan.


17 April 2010

Pixels: New York invasion of 8-bits creatures. Written and directed by Patrick Jean.

Audi Meets Iron Man

16 April 2010


A cool new flash site by the talented group over at Factory Design Labs in Denver promoting Iron Man 2 and the Audi R8. Showing off their Papervision 3d skills!


Selling Out

16 April 2010


An interesting infographic not only from a design perspective but also from the information it talks about. I can definitely speak from first hand experience that it is almost impossible to make a real living off of creating music.