Time Bandit 0.1

30 April 2010


There are some new scripts available for Scriptographer, including Time Bandit, which lets you animate directly in Illustrator. Check out this example on The Consortium.


29 April 2010

Diabolus is a French graphic design and photo studio, based in Reims-France. Thanks for the email.

Jing Wei

29 April 2010

Jing Wei is a freelance illustrator/printmaker currently living in Brooklyn.


28 April 2010

Robotaposter is an online gallery of Polish poster art from the 50s and 60s. Run by Aleksander Palka and Jakub Korfanty.


28 April 2010

Great photography, illustration and design sent in from Château-vacant out of Montreal.

Fendy Ibrahim

26 April 2010

Fendy Ibrahim is a 2nd year visual communications major currently at Nanyang Tech in Singapore.

Jeremy Mason

26 April 2010

Jeremy Mason sent in some of his recent work done on wood panels.

Village Green

25 April 2010




Lots of nice music related stuff byVillage Green in London.

never always

25 April 2010


Great collages by never always. Via the New Shelton wet/dry.

Loyalty & Blood

23 April 2010



Nice shirts and bags by Loyalty & Blood in Brooklyn, NY. You can buy online, but if you live in New York, find them at Brooklyn Flea.