Jessica Tremp

19 February 2010

Jessica Tremp is a Swiss-born photographer living in Melbourne. She has some really eerie/beautiful pictures on her site.

Brian Michael Gossett

19 February 2010

Brian Michael Gossett from Santa Monica, CA.

Captured: Kim Høltermand

17 February 2010

  • still_life_kim_holtermand_151
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_141
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_161
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_011
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_021
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_041
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_051
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_061
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_071
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_111
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_121
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_131
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_171
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_181
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_191
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_201
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_221
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_231
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_241
  • still_life_kim_holtermand_251
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Today we’re kicking off a new feature: “Captured” photo series featuring artists from around the world. We choose an artist, send them a camera and film, they take the pictures and we develop and post them here on TSA. It’s sort of a photo interview—a way to get to know some of our favorite artists.

The first artist in our series is Kim Høltermand, a photographer based in Værløse, Denmark. Kim is a designer turned photographer known for his unique style of architecture, nature, and night photography. We sent Kim a Diana F+ camera and a couple rolls of film and he produced this great set of photos for us.

Thoughts from Kim:

The images of the horses and the nature are shot where I live – and just as I was leaving the horses it started snowing – it was a nice moment. It has been a great challenge to use the Diana F+ – not knowing the outcome made me think even more about getting the right composition, focal distance etc. made me “think” more I guess. And a few times I thought “hey – did I forget to remove the lens hood ???, did I forward the film ???” stuff like that. Looking at the outcome of this project has really opened my eyes for the possibility of getting me a Diana F+ camera – I do own a Holga which i bought in Barcelona but haven’t had the time to play with it, but being part of this project has definitely triggered the inner experimental photography child.

Special thanks to Lomo for providing the camera and film. Also to Phoenix Imaging for the processing.


15 February 2010

Studiofolk is Denis Carrier, a graphic designer/illustrator based in France.

Azita Rasoli

15 February 2010

Azita Rasoli sent us some of her photography. She’s currently a student at Art Center College of Design.


13 February 2010

Jeffrey Meyer sent over a link to his vast collection of collage art.

Véronique Pêcheux from Paris.

Monsieur L’agent

11 February 2010


New website and new artists of the french creative agencie Monsieur L’Agent.

Salvatore Dellaquila

10 February 2010


New York based designer and illustrator, Salvatore Dellaquila, updates his site with a lot of new work. I love his attention to detail and use of color.

Here I Go

09 February 2010

Here I Go is Alberto Hernández, a Spanish designer working in London.