Our friends at The Mixtape Club kindly asked us to donate a mix (with album art) to their current 005 session. For those who don’t know, The Mixtape Club is “an organization dedicated to the art of the mixtape. Ten people, ten tracks, ten album covers,” with a new set released each month.

The current line-up is great. My favorite (right now) is Becky Hui Chan’s tape, Saving It For A Rainy Day – really fluid mix with beautifully synced transitions from track to track.

Kelsey Dake

05 January 2010

Kelsey Dake got in touch from L.A. – she’s an illustration student (soon to be graduate) from Art Center College of Design. Thanks for the link.

Happy 2010

04 January 2010


A typographic video card wishing everyone Happy (Feliz) 2010, from 6D in Brazil.