Paper Vs Pencil

22 January 2010

Really nice work from Jesse Brown out of Seattle. Been a while since we’ve heard from the Pacific Northwest – thanks for the email.

Life in 2050

22 January 2010

Life in 2050 is a new exhibition created by Transmission for the Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

The list of contributing artists is quite impressive – including Universal Everything, Build, Mario Hugo, Alex Trochut, Will Sweeney, Jason Tozer, Panda Yoghurt, Graham Carter and Hort. Each designer/company has been asked to submit an original piece of work depicting their vision of ‘Life in 2050′. The exhibition will take place at Chapter One Gallery (London) beginning mid-April.

Bruno Kurru

19 January 2010




Some work of Bruno Kurru in Brazil.


“…the salesman, once an unpredicted, unpredictable bolt from the blue of a life on the road, has been trapped behind a glass screen and reduced to padding along in an endlessly repetitive existence of cruel, unparalleled drudgery; i.e. ‘reality’. He can’t be ‘real’, though, because advertisers have trapped him in an ossified, glass-cage version of ‘reality’ that’s pre-recorded and set to loop hundreds of times a day, victimising these salt-of-the-earth types who work at Tesco, B&Q or Kwik Fit, or are excited to extol the benefits of a new chocolate bar or paste for sensitive teeth. They are robotic representations of our retired traveling salesman, and, through the way they ruin and mock their own claims on authenticity and reality by parrot-patter repetition, they bear an eerie resemblance to those wannabe-authentic, ‘social commentary’ guitar bands foisted upon us by a hopelessly cumbersome and unresponsive major label machine.”

A Look Back At The 00s: ‘Glo-fi’ And The Sadness Of The Advertised Man

Belinda Chen

19 January 2010

Gorgeous work from Belinda Chen – artist currently based in Berlin. Thanks for the email.

Carl Krull

19 January 2010

Danish artist Carl Krull (based in Copenhagen). His work is drawn, painted, and occasionally animated – especially neat seeing his process in the time lapse videos.

Felicity Case-Mejia

18 January 2010

Felicity Case-Mejia is a designer/illustrator based in Melbourne. Thanks for the email.

Ylva Lindberg

18 January 2010

Swedish designer Ylva Lindberg.

We Are Always Here

15 January 2010





New site and work from the NYC studio of London-based creative agency exposure.

Vanessa Lam

14 January 2010




Vanessa Lam is yet another student with some pretty nice work. More great things to come, I’m sure.