Ingmar Spiller

29 January 2010



The work of Ingmar Spiller.


28 January 2010

A new issue of the creative magazine BATTERIEnext is out now. Issue 19 comes with 12 A1-posters and is centered around the theme “emptiness”. You can get the complete set (hand-signed and limited to 100 copies) at

Kimberley Chan

28 January 2010

Kimberley Chan is in her third year at the University of Lincoln. Thanks for the email.

Chevychase Design Studio

28 January 2010

Quality work out of Stockholm. Pretty great name too.

Jessica Walsh

26 January 2010

The very talented Jessica Walsh just relaunched. Thanks for the email.

2009 Feltron Annual Report

26 January 2010


26 January 2010

Sean Freeman updates. Thanks for the tip Xavier.

Ziemowit Maj

24 January 2010

Ziemowit Maj from London.

Talita Hoffmann

22 January 2010



Talita Hoffmann (1988) is a brazilian artist that works primarily with drawing and painting on paper, developing a dream like universe inspired on nature and its different connections and relations. Has showed her work on different group shows, on places like São Paulo, California, Barcelona and Helsinki, and in 2009 has had her first solo show at Museu do Trabalho, in Porto Alegre – where she currently works and lives.”

Charting The Beatles

22 January 2010

Beautifully executed infographics illustrating some statistical data about The Beatles. Ongoing project by Michael Deal.

These visualizations are part of an extensive study of the music of The Beatles. Many of the diagrams and charts are based on secondary sources, including but not limited to sales statistics, biographies, recording sesion notes, sheet music, and raw audio readings.