Kimm Whiskie

02 December 2009

Nice set of photos from Kimm Whiskie. The site has a modest number of photos, grouped into sets, accompanied by soothing tones… quite relaxing.

Fur Covered Classic

02 December 2009

The Wild Things by Dave Eggers, Fur-covered Edition.

Rafael Bessa

02 December 2009

Rafael Bessa got in touch from Brazil. Thanks for the email.



Carla & Aaron Osborn are a husband and wife, Brooklyn based, highly creative couple known as Osborn Design Studios. They’re often seen selling their fair-trade products from Guatemala or personal works at the Brooklyn Flea. Having very different styles they manage to collaborate and grow their new business together. As we’ve learned from our past interviews there’s an advantage to having your respective strengths’ and ways of working. Communication’s key, which is something Carla and Aaron strongly believe in.

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