An Agency within an Agency

11 December 2009



Wieden+Kennedy New York’s office features an agency within an agency called Attack. Comprised of talent from GrandArmy and WK’s Seeking competition, Attack produced this stunning video for the snowboard inspired line, Isaora, in collaboration with Shinichi Maruyama and MNDR.

Ricky Swallow

10 December 2009



Sculptures by Ricky Swallow

Fera Fera

10 December 2009
Fera Fera Fera Fera Fera Fera Fera Fera Fera Fera

Fera Fera is a streetwear label created to celebrate the spirit, beauty and optimism of youth, its energy and creativity, and its struggle and desire for change.

The products are infused with a passion for design and the arts, and they’re totally handmade and handcrafted right here in Southern California!

Check out the nice typographic and illustrative design.

Old School Flyers

08 December 2009




A collection of old school, hand-done new york city party flyers. Amazing what was done pre-computer.

“Most of the Old School Party Flyers were Designed By Buddy Esquire and Phase 2. Phase 2 was a real big Aerosol Artist who wrote on allot of the NYC Trains who also did a majority of the Party Flyers back then. Buddy Esquire was a regular Artist who did allot of party flyers as well.

These Cats Worked on big Art tables and had all the tools to make these flyers by hand including those Rub on Letters, wax Machines, exacto knives, Graph Paper and many other tools that are extinct today in the modern artwork world.”

Jessica Hische

08 December 2009

There’s some stunning typography on Jessica Hische’s new site. Via swissmiss.

Creative Couples: Kat & Ben

08 December 2009

All photos by Colin Leaman

Kat Karnaky and Ben Peterson have been a couple for over ten years. Kat is a print designer for Anthropologie as well as a textile-printer and fashion designer. Ben is an amazing painter and–as I remember from a couple years ago–a great cook too. Both are graduates from the California College of the Arts, and they now live and work from a large converted building in the northern part of Philadelphia, PA.

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07 December 2009




Heydays in Olso, Norway.

Toby Burrows

07 December 2009




Nice photography by Toby Burrows, especially this Fallen series.

Really love this new spot for Jack Daniel’s, created by Brand New School. This is the 1st in a 3 part campaign. Via Motionographer.


03 December 2009

Jeffrey Bowman updates.