Alvin Chan – new work

07 October 2009

Alvin Chan just sent in some identity work for Frame / Mark Magazine. Nice stuff.

Merijn Hos updates

06 October 2009


Being somewhat interested in house/techno music as well as design (so rare these days!) I came across Merijn’s updates almost simultaneously but from different sources. Always incredible detail and playful collages by Merijn Hos


05 October 2009

We’ve been getting tons of great submissions recently, just trying to catch up on a few. Wonderful work in from Place™ out of Beunos Aires, Argentina. Two-man studio: Eloy Krioka and Blas Lamagni.

Romain Albertini

05 October 2009

We received an email from Romain Albertini from France. Lots of great work on his site.

Kim Høltermand

05 October 2009

Amazing images from Danish photographer Kim Høltermand.

Jonathan Calugi

02 October 2009




Just received an email from Jonathan about updates over at Happy Lovers Town


01 October 2009

Face from Mexico.