12 October 2009




Avenier Cornejo

12 October 2009

Thomas Prior

11 October 2009





Wonderful photos by Thomas Prior.

Absolute Sellout

09 October 2009


I am always fascinated by the ephemeral in American Design. A box of Crayons, Log Cabins, a can of Coke – we take them for granted. Don’t forget to wonder and marvel at all the great little things!

Absolute Sellout curates a small, limited quantity, collection of objects and literature for your purchase.

Karsten Schmidt from Etapes on Vimeo.

“…he is actively exploring current possibilities at the intersection of design, art, software development and education and applying these in a variety of fields. A strong conceptual thinker and always striving for maximum creative freedom, Karsten’s design approach is based on treating ideas as software at the heart, which in turn informs all other facets of each project.”

Part of what he talks about here is blurring the boundaries between “technical” and “artistic” skill, and how that generally breaks down within the current hierarchy of the industry. As a programmer who enjoys (but doesn’t have much opportunity to explore) code-driven creative design and animation, this speaks to me.


08 October 2009

ATELIER 25 is Chloé Tercé & Capucine Merkenbrack, a young design duo based in Paris. They have a lot of really nice handmade books and lovingly crafted designs. Go see.

Sale ends Sunday

08 October 2009

There’s a couple days left to take advantage of 33% off everything in our shop. All profit will be going towards an upcoming TSA project – thanks for the orders!

Andrio Abero

07 October 2009




Just wanted to let everyone know I have a new website. After 10 years I’ve decided to drop the 33rpm alias. What began as a focus on music and design has now grown into so much more. Please enjoy the new site.

Livia Foldes

07 October 2009

We got a nice email from Livia Foldes, a recent grad from California College of the Arts. Really interesting experimental type and book design on her site.


07 October 2009

Reworks is the portfolio of Aurélien Arnaud, a designer from Grenoble, France. He’s the co-founder of PNTS, previously posted here.