TSA Sale – 33% Off

11 September 2009

For a limited time we’re offering everything in our shop at 33% off. That equates to $12.50 per print (down from $19), all from our first poster series: “The Place I Live,” designed by the likes of McBess, Andrio Abero, Steve Rura… and a bunch of other great artists. Visit our storefront to see the full collection.


10 September 2009


One of the great design agencies in Montreal, Orangetango, have updated their website since I last checked.


10 September 2009

Recently received an email from Julien (last name unknown), aka Plasticbionic – 26 y.o. from Nantes, France. Thanks for the link.

Andrei D Robu

08 September 2009

Just received an email from Romanian artist Andrei Robu. He recently updated his site with some exceptional typographic/illustrative work. Thanks for the note.

John Fan

08 September 2009

John Fan updates with some new motion work.

Richard Sarson

08 September 2009

Richard Sarson Art & Design updates. Thanks for the link.


05 September 2009

I was a dog

05 September 2009

Cityabyss let us know about a recent exhibition she was in – flickr set here.

Stas Sipovich update

05 September 2009

Recent update from Stas Sipovich out of the Czech Republic.

The Mixtape Club

02 September 2009


The Mixtape Club is an organization dedicated to the art of the mixtape. Ten people, ten tracks, ten album covers.

It’s an ongoing showcase of music by artists, designers, photographers and creatives from around the world. The site launched today and the first ten mixes are available to stream.